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Another record year for growth at HR and the start to 2014 is our best yet, A 30% rise in sales since March 2013

HR Group would like to welcome Amanda Little to the Employment Bureau Team.

Record sales for 2013, 23% rise on 2012

Awarded major national contract with ftse 100 company

Record sales for 2012, 22% rise on 2011

HR Group would like to welcome Sheryll Harris to the Employment Bureau Team.

HR Live Project launched, Merger and Acquisition of Vivo Solutions

2008 Sales rose by 21% in 2010

Merger and aquisition of PFU Recruitment in the group, 2 large blue chip clients on board

2009 Sales rose by 18% in 2010. A record year 2008 Sales rose by 16% in 2008

Best final quater increse of 35%

Awarded new contract Automotive sector.

New Contract awarded in automotive sector, succesfull transfer of 50 staff via tupe

10% Increase in sales for 2007

HR Employment Bureau was launched

Merger and acuqisition of McHugh Recruitment

THE HR® Group

A Brief intro.

HR is about "Relationships"

Relationships with our Partners, Relationships with our customers.
All of our Partner's are independantly ran entities, managed and resourced by HR Group.

Customer Mission:

To always look for a more cost effective solution for our customers.
Constantly Streamline & Improve our user experience
Strive for 100% Satisfaction